What I need?

That depends which service you’re interested in.
For example, if you need a translation from a foreign language or a translation into plain language, it’s best if you send me the original text along with your inquiry. This allows for a more specific estimate of the time and effort required. The criteria to determine this include:
    • The language of the original text (e.g. translation from English)
    • What kind of text it is (e.g. press release, technical article)
    • The extent of the text (e.g. number of words or pages)
    • Whether there is any reference material available (e.g. glossaries, terminology databases, translation memories, style guides)
    • The format of the source text (e.g. editable Word document or non-editable scan)
    • The format of the target text (e.g. limited number of characters or pages)
    • Whether you need a certified translation (e.g. a certificate, a birth certificate)
Writing an original text

If you would like me to write an original text, please include as many details as possible in your briefing. Here are some guiding questions:

    • What type of text do you want (e.g. blog post)?
    • What do you want the text to be about (e.g. a new product)?
    • What goal do you want to achieve with the text (e.g. provide general information, generate leads)?
    • Who do you want to address with your text (e.g. existing customers)?
    • Which medium did you choose for your text (e.g. employee magazine, newsletter)?
    • Do you want search engine optimization (e.g. should it include certain keywords)?
Proofreading and editing

Do you already have a text and want to have it checked? – I will check your text with an unrelenting eye for detail! In this case too, please send your text (or your translation and the original source) along with your inquiry.

Also, please let me know whether you want proofreading or in-depth editing, as this will influence the time and effort required.

For example:

    • Proofreading would include:
      • Spelling
      • Grammar
      • Punctuation

    • While editing includes both this and:
      • Expression and style
      • Structure
      • Logic

In any case, it would be best if you could provide me with as much information as possible in advance.

By when?

  • Please be sure to specify by when you need your translation, copy or revised text.

The easiest way to reach me would be by e-mail.

I am often not available for phone calls. Not because I don’t want to talk to you, but rather because I’m probably highly focused on a client’s project and have deadlines to meet. Your text and your satisfaction are top priority, which is why I ensure a quiet work environment without distractions so I can give your text my undivided attention.

In case you do have a matter that is best resolved over the phone or even in a video call, I’d be happy to arrange an appointment. Request your appointment by writing me an e-mail.

In principle, yes, as interpreting was part of my training. However, I currently do not offer this service. I will gladly recommend interpreting colleagues from my network.

No, I keep to the tried and tested native language principle.

Especially in marketing, a perfect command of the target language is essential. Only in rare cases do people reach truly native proficiency in a language they learned later in life.

To ensure that an advertising message hits the mark – and doesn’t backfire on you – I rely exclusively on the language I’m most skilled at: German.

Although at first it may seem very convenient to ring my doorbell at a moment’s notice, please refrain from unannounced visits.

This is especially true with regard to the current pandemic. My premises are generally not set up for walk-in clients, therefore I do not have special hygiene measures in place, as you might expect from retail stores, for example.

Please contact me in advance if you want to come to my office. This way, you can be sure that I will be in too. After all, your time is valuable.

In the course of my professional career, I have specialized in marketing in the broadest sense. So far, the main topics have included:

  • Real estate
  • Automotive
  • Digitalization
  • Modern management methods
  • Healthy diet and nutritional supplements
  • Investment, etc.


I like to dive deep into new subject areas and learn my client’s corporate language or personal style so I can be an expert in your specific topics. This way, you can benefit from considerable advantages in the course of our long-term cooperation: The more I know the topic I’m writing about and the better the grasp I have on your style, the smaller the effort for research, briefings, coordination, etc.

On the other hand, successful and true expertise also means knowing exactly what you can’t do: For this reason, I steer clear from texts from other fields. These include, in particular, legal matters such as contracts or technical matters like operating instructions, manuals, etc. However, I will be happy to recommend qualified colleagues.

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