Translation English-German, Swedish-German

I specialize in the translation of marketing texts. Why did I choose this specific field? – Quite simple: I have extensive practical experience in the advertising industry from the time before I started my freelance career. So I can combine my copywriting talent with my qualifications as a translator for English and Swedish.

When translating marketing content into English, I approach the texts with a creative mindset. This is because beyond simply writing in another language, making sure that brand messages and product promises hit the mark often requires different factors to be taken into account.

What is commonplace in your domestic market may raise eyebrows among foreign readers. Wordplay and other rhetorical stylistic devices often give marketing texts a distinctive appeal, but they can rarely be directly translated into the other language and culture without losing their effect.

This is where I provide clever suggestions on how to adapt the respective text to the local context, in order to attract and win over potential customers.

Translation into plain language

The primary goal of all communication is to be understood. But what if the recipients have problems understanding the message? For example, they might have cognitive impairments or only very basic German skills.

In these cases, plain language serves as an important bridge. It breaks down the text’s content to its essence and reformulates it in simple terms. Terms that are not part of the basic vocabulary are also explained in an easily comprehensible way. Visual highlighting makes it easier to grasp texts and thus understand them better.

This approach ensures barrier-free communication.

When translating into plain language, I apply the principles of the Plain Language Research Center of the University of Hildesheim.


Could you do with a little more? – No problem! With transcreation, I don’t just selectively adapt existing marketing materials. I rethink them from scratch to factor in intercultural differences, for example.

How can an advertising message be delivered to spark enthusiastic interest from German-speaking audiences? What’s more, how to ensure that it does not fall flat at best or cause irritation at worst?

For this I will need a detailed briefing – just like the one given to the original authors of the advertising campaign. Taking this as a basis, I will brainstorm ideas, just as they would, to find creative ideas as to how the texts can be just as effective with the German-speaking target audience as they are at home.

Writing and improving texts

These services complement my translation portfolio. I learned the ropes from scratch during my editorial traineeship.

I compose texts for content marketing, PR and corporate communications to your specifications. For example, you can rely on me to write:

  • Newsletters and landing pages
  • Website content
  • Blog posts
  • How-to articles and guides
  • Articles for customer magazines, employee newsletters, etc.
  • Corporate image content
  • … and much more

I write for print media, but also for the web. On request, I can optimize these texts for search engines without compromising readability.

I also proofread and edit existing texts. After all, especially with expensive, high-quality print products, you want to avoid mistakes in advance. However, when it comes to catching even slight mistakes, four eyes see more than two. Having a professional proofreader and editor double-check your text is therefore a wise decision.

Depending on our agreement, I check your texts for formal criteria such as spelling, punctuation and grammar (proofreading), or also for logic, expression and consistency, etc. (editing). This way, you can showcase your texts with confidence!

Please note that I offer this service exclusively for German texts or texts translated into German.

Any questions?